Pre Project (APS), Full Project (APD) and Metropolitan Fiber Networks Projects


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  • Setting-up and scanning;
  • FTTH network desing and architecture;
  • FTTN network desing and architecture;
  • HFC network design and architecture;
  • FTTH and FTTN networks planning;
  • Consulting.

FTTH and FTTN Networks

  • FTTH, FTTN and HFC networks installation;
  • ONT and OLT instalation and configuration;
  • FTTH and FTTN networks maintenance;
  • Network equipment instalation;
  • Attenuation, reflectance and reflectometry tests.

Cellular Telephone Networks

  • Technical visits to installation sites;
  • Existing towers restructuring;
  • Stability analysis;
  • Equipments installation;
  • Radio technology swap;
  • Maintenance.

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