Smart Cities

The future of cities connected to the internet.


  • Monitoring and recording with historical consumption and flow over time
  • Reduction of losses and water flow
  • Consumer aware: Automatic sending of counts and online consultation of your consumption history
  • Remote control of irrigation processes / water supply via actuation at valves / irrigation points


Simple urban parking system for those who manage and park. Operating through mobile application, parking sensor, surveillance, mobile payment.
  • Improving the quality of life of citizens
  • Reduction of transit and emission of polluting gases
  • Less urban visual pollution
  • Integration of multimodal payment methods


High quality Wi-Fi city for tourism.
  • Wi-Fi user authentication and access control
  • Targeting tourists using Wi-Fi
  • Analytics about Wi-Fi users
  • Heatmap with busy areas
  • Integration with marketing and communication platforms

Public Transportation

Smart City of high quality for public transport, promoting a better quality of life for citizens, free and high quality Wi-Fi, and information to the user in real time: routes, times itineraries.

  • They promote in the users the awareness of technological advancement
  • Channel of direct communication with citizens through Captive Portal
  • Improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, promoting punctuality and warnings in the times of itineraries.
  • Free high-quality Wi-Fi for passengers, avoiding any possible packet loss breakdown.


Urban waste management.
  • Container volume control
  • Detection of anomalies and security issues
  • Collection points: Sensors that inform the system of your level of occupancy and possible problems
  • Contribution to a better quality of life (reduction of gas emissions, noise and visual pollution)


  • Sensors that identify air quality remotely
  • Platform accessible to the population
  • Applications that show real-time information on air quality and weather forecasts


  • Most effective and profitable system
  • Allows remote and instant management
  • Greater energy savings, allowing high profitability
  • Sensors that detect faults / possible fires and inform the responsible company immediately


Provide technology in favor of schools, facilitating the management of cloud learning materials and making them easily accessible for use by students and teachers.
  • Infrastructure that allows the integration of the entire school system (cafeteria, energy, security, entrance, Wi-Fi network, etc.)
  • Greater ease of handling by the school secretary
  • Advancement in the excellence of the students due to the use of materials of high quality and technology developed for a better use


Installed high-tech cameras with cloud storage and 24-hour surveillance
  • Motion detection with cloud warning systems with mobile applications
  • Increased flow control of people or vehicles in urban centers
  • Increasing society's security


Interlinked devices that report on the state of several areas of an agricultural property
  • Cost reduction
  • Real-time information on storages, soil status, temperatures, air humidity etc.
  • Greater control of use and less waste of raw material