Optical Fiber Network

TITANNIUM® TAPs operate with PON TDMA (Fiber Optic) technology, which work by time division, providing greater efficiency than the traditional CSMA CD (CAT6/7 Network Cables) protocol used by conventional networks. TDMA technology ensures the sending of frames without collisions and retransmissions, each at its specific time, increases the speed and stability of the LAN by up to 1000+ times.


Simplified Project

The use of TAPs for FTTH projects uses only one fiber wire for interconnection through mechanical connections eliminating the use of racks with DIOs or optical splice boxes + various optical fusions for connection to the splitters integrated into the product.


Your network at the speed of light!
The TITANNIUM EZ-WAN and EZ-LAN TAPs operate with 100% optical technology, their network operates at speed never imagined without loss of packets since each element has a pre-defined connection time by the edge router.


The TITANNIUM fiber optic TAPs offer clean, zero power consumption, totally dielectric and passive infrastructure.
Say goodbye to the tireless maintenance of suites, routers, interference, and speed spikes.