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Professional hosting with dedicated platform.

The TITANNIUM® hosting service is the best option for your business. We focus our services on network transmission quality offering a higher level of delivery speed. Work in your company, on the street or in your home as if you were on the same network through the preferred level connections of interconnections and global traffic exchange points.



Professional Hosting

We work with priority traffic networks, intelligent redirection routes and state-of-the-art (hot-plug) servers to ensure best-in-class and upgradeable containers according to the needs of your business.

Redundancy Server

We attend small or large-scale users without having to think about infrastructure. TITANNIUM® automatically manages and scales the underlying infrastructure for the workload size.

Multifunctional Platform

TITANNIUM® accepts code written in JavaScript (Node.js), Python and Go. No need to learn new languages, tools or libraries.

Control panel (cPanel)

Have one of the best and most famous hosting panels at your control.
  • Domain and email management

  • File management

  • Applications

  • Statistics of the hosting service and your website

  • Database management

cPanel has advantages that make it a perfect choice for those who are starting a project or already have a certain experience on the internet. Whether you're a content producer or an advanced programmer, cPanel embraces all user profiles.